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Station Information for WPAT-FM
FM Frequency 93.1
Station Address 26 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019
Classification and Power B, 5400W
Transmitter Location Empire State Building
Contact (212)246-9393
Station Staff Market Manager/Senior VP - Marko Radlovic
General Manager - Frank Flores
Program Director - Tony Luna
Local Sales Manager - Mickie Reyes
National Sales Manager - Diana Hagan
Format Spanish - love songs/ballads
Owner Spanish Broadcasting System
of New York, Inc.
History The history of this frequency can be traced back to July 18, 1939, when Edwin H. Armstrong`s station W2XMN began regular broadcasting on a frequency of 42.8 Mhz. Armstrong, the father of FM radio, had actually begun testing the station on April 10, 1938, and had demonstrated FM transmission as early as 1934. The station, which also became known as W31NY and WFMN, moved to 43.1 Mhz in 1942. W2XMN moved to the new FM band in 1946, first at 92.1 Mhz, and then in 1948, to 93.1, where it became known as KE2XCC. It went off the air on March 6, 1954, soon after Armstrong`s death. WPAT broadcast on this frequency with an Easy Listening format from March 1, 1957 until the station`s sale to Spanish Broadcasting in January, 1996.

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