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Station Information for WFME-AM
AM Frequency 1560
Station Address 112 North Elm Street
Shenandoah, IA 51601
Classification and Power A, 50,000W
Transmitter Location Maspeth, Queens
Contact 1-800-543-1495
Format Religion - Christian
Owner Family Stations, Inc.

   Originating as broadcasting pioneer John V.L. Hogan's experimental television station W2XR in 1929, the station began broadcasting classical music in 1933 at a frequency of 1550kc. The call letters were changed to WQXR in 1936, and the station moved to its present frequency in 1941. WQXR was purchased by the New York Times in 1944.

   The call letters were changed to WQEW on November 16, 1992, when an Adult Standards format was adopted. The New York Times announced on December 1, 1998 that it had agreed to lease all of WQEW's airtime to ABC for an eight-year period, beginning on January 1, 1999, to permit ABC to broadcast its Radio Disney format on the station. The Radio Disney format was introduced on December 28, 1998. The station was sold to ABC/Radio Disney on May 24, 2007.


   On November 10, 2014, Radio Disney agreed to sell WQEW to Family Stations for $12,950.00, and an application to transfer the station`s licence was filed with the FCC on November 21, 2014. Radio Disney programming was discontinued on February 17, 2015, and the sale to Family Stations was completed on February 20, 2015. The call sign WFME was adopted on February 20th and religious programming began on February 27, 2015.

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